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    PlugPlugExternalObject not available in Illustrator CC (2013) v17 ?




      We have some users on the 2013 CC version, so I was doing the compatibility for this version with our extension and I have a big problem.


      The events system is not available, in more recent versions I'm using "PlugPlugExternalObject" :


      function sendEvent(type, data) {

         try {

         var xLib = new ExternalObject("lib:\PlugPlugExternalObject");
         } catch (e) {



         if (xLib) {

         var eventObj = new CSXSEvent();
         eventObj.type = type;
         eventObj.data = data;



      But in CC 17.0.0 or after updating to 17.1.0 I have the same error :  "IOError: File or folder does not exist" so I tried everything available, like trying to pass the PlugPlugExternalObject from an archive found on the forums as a framework / dll.


      So if anyone know how to emit an event from jsx to the js in this version that will be great !!