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    Sprite - playback or actions?

    TommyTwoBrains Level 1

      I have a composition using parallax scrolling:



      A character walks (looping) with the page scroll. But I can't get the sprite to Stop/Go when I want her to.

      I have added actions to Stop, Play (and loop) etc within the sprite itself, but I cannot manage to trigger those actions from the main Stage — either with actions on the main Stage OR through Playback on the main Stage — it doesn't work. It only kind-of work within Edge Animate itself, but does not work in a browser.


      I'm thinking it may be to do with binding the Timeline to scrolling rather than regular time-based playing. If this is the case, how do I 'unbind' a sprite from that, so it plays like a regular sprite.



      I'm also wondering why anybody would use 'Playback' over actions and, if they conflict—which takes precedence?