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    Lightroom 6 catalog sync issues




      I just found out that my Lightroom 6.3 catalog is acting weird. Catalog has been originally imported from LR4 last summer, and worked ok.


      It all started when I decided to see if I have any "loose pictures" in my repository, and made synchronize from the top of folder hierarchy in Lightroom. It stated that I have something like ~35 pictures that would be added to catalog, and few removed. I thought that it's quite likely to be so. When I did proceed to import dialog, LR showed me all ~26000 images in my catalog as previews to be imported (and, only new files were selected).


      When I had all folders synchronized one-by-one by selecting them manually I found out few loose files to be added or removed which worked ok. I also noticed that some folder had same behaviour as stated above (but with lesser number of files reported to be added, but then import showing all files in that folder). It turned out that those problematic folders did contain .MOV or .AVI files from various cameras. Earlier version of LR had no issues with those files residing in folders, they have just been ignored (and if I recall correct, some of them had been imported and viewable in LR). Now it seems to be different story.


      Then I proceeded to remove those movie files from folders under Lightroom (via explorer, as they were not visible in LR), and re-synced corresponding folders. For individual folders that worked ok, but again when trying to sync catalog from top level folder, same problem persists. I have tried by returning few older LR6 catalog versions from backups, but all behave the same, so either corruption has taken place in original import from LR4, or I have stumbled to LR6.3 bug. (Disks have been checked, and they are ok).


      It seems that

      - Latest version of LR is unable to handle video files that older version has been able to handle (at least LR4, I did skip the LR5), leading to issues with import dialog.

      - There is some bug in LR, or my catalog seems to be corrupt.


      Or any other potential explanations? Has anyone else had issues with LR not accepting video formats that were earlier on ok?


      And is there any way to recovery my catalog? Or, is there a known bug with catalog sync (I tried to search for one, but did not find any notes on such)?


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