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    - Crashing and damaging files:  someone please help me - adobe won't


      I can't take it anymore.  I work for hours on a project then all of a sudden it quits and when I try to reopen it says the file is damaged. AND then if I try to open it another file it damages that too.  I can work for days on something and all of a sudden it happens

      I am working on an imac using inDesign   - I found a thread saying to use a plug in called CopyTextPlugin 2 - I did this and I was able to open the file.  But when I came back to work a few hours later inDesign crashed and I had to reinstall.  This plug in is for InDesign 11.1.  I am at my wit's end.  I don't know what to do. Yes I have deleted preferences, yes I have checked for bad fonts yes I have called adobe.  I can't be a professional designer when I lose a file every day.. I am crying as I type this.  If anyone can help.  PLEASE I BEG YOU