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    Changing the DisclosureIcon of the perticular row of advanceddatagrid

      Hi all , Actually my requirment to show only grouped part in data grid and its total ,not the detail data part.So,i have written a event for itemOpening(ITEM_OPENING) of AdvancedDatagrid.
      I am changing the DisclosureIcon of the perticular row while its opening.But i am not able to set this property.although its writable as mensioned in LiveDocs.
      Please help me.

      protected function openBranch(e:AdvancedDataGridEvent):void{

      if(((e.itemRenderer as IDropInListItemRenderer).listData as AdvancedDataGridListData).depth==2)

      var img1:Class;

      ((e.itemRenderer as IDropInListItemRenderer).listData as AdvancedDataGridListData).disclosureIcon=img1;//Also may ne null