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    french vs english (compatibility and license question)




      We have an employee with a French version After Effects. This software is included with Adobe Production Premium CS6.


      If he wants to edit sequences available on the Internet: that does not work if it is downloading files produced with an English version. The English properties are not recognized by the French version of After Effects. With a recipe I guess he found on the Internet there is a way to delete / move the French language files to start After Effects in English. The software starts in English but requires a registration key. Oddly, the key to the French version is not allowed. A key should work regardless of the language as most software do right?


      Our questions:


      1. How to switch from one language to another After Effects.

      2. How can we have After Effects French side by side with the English version on the same computer. Obviously without having to purchase a second license...

      3. Does the recent versions in the cloud (CC) will have the same locale problems?


      Thank you in advance for your answers!