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    AE CC 2014 slows to a crawl after saving...


      having serious issues with this.  running cc2014 (not even bothering with 2015 for now) on a late 2013 mac pro 12 core, 64 GB RAM, AMD FirePro D700, el capitan, latest version.  it runs great until i save the project, which i do almost reflexively, at which point it slows to a crawl, making doing the most basic of operations painfully slow. even setting a keyframe has about a second and a half lag time. tried adjusting preferences based on some other threads i've read, as well as clearing the memory and cache.  the only solution seems to be a full system restart, which is obviously a major disruption. also not noticing performance issues with any other piece of software, including other adobe products.


      anyone have any ideas or had something similar? its worth mentioning it started doing this before upgrading to el capitan, and didn't seem to coincide with a software update of any kind, and we're having the same issue on older mac pros, both with yosemite and el capitan.


      thanks in advance.


      EDIT:  it appears to have something to do with saving over our network to our central file server.  i can work locally just fine.