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    SSD Configuration: raid vs m.2


      Hello I'm building my new x99 PP CC workstation:

      -Asus X99 Sabertooth

      -Intel 5820k

      -Nvidia GTX980

      -G.skill R4 32gb DDR4


      I read all the pages here and at ppbm but I have not figured which configuration would be better among the following, considering the single m.2 socket and some budget limits:


      1) -Sata3 SSD 250GB: OS

          -Sata3 SSD 250GB: scratch disk, cache, temp files

          -M.2 Samsung 950PRO 512GB: media and projects


      2) -Sata3 SSD 250GB: OS

          -M.2 Samsung 950PRO 256GB: scratch disk, cache, temp files

          -Sata3 SSD 1TB: media and projects


      Which one would speed up my workflows and renders taking advantage of the m2 drive extra speed?