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    How best to reuse 6 identical selection lists bound to a CFC method

    BrianO Level 1
      I have 6 'selection lists' over 3 cfforms type=html on the same cfm that are pulling the same data using the CFC method "readdiadoctypename". The returned data is a single column query set of document types. For example, one is in the search area of the form, a second allowing the user to filter results, a third in the edit area, allowing the user to select a new one, a fourth on a seperate tab in an area where they can edit the selection list (here it uses autosuggest instead of a select list). Any variation in the bind attribute is related to the type of response in case of error, and is not important. Variations in the class attribute are not critical either. Also some have bindonload set to true, but this also could be true for all. However, since I use bindings and other fields are bound to these fields including one called subdoctypes, I don't think I can use an include or cfinclude. This seems like a performance improvement opportunity. Is there a better approach? Here is the code used for each of the 6 calls.