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    Suddenly, Lr fails to carry adjustments over to Ps on export, after years of using this workflow without issue

    touheyphoto Level 1

      I'm running the latest versions of Lr CC and Ps CC. I'm not sure if the issue began immediately after an update but Lr no longer transfers adjustments to Ps such as lens corrections, brush adjustments and most others on the in-app export (command-e). When testing on a b/w image, that adjustment carried but none of the others.


      Could this be a problem with ACR? I'm running the latest version in both applications (9.3).


      My workaround, which is pathetic, has been right clicking and editing in CS6, which is set as my secondary external editor. Even though I have a raw image selected I get the prompt about editing original, or original with adjustments but only "edit original with adjustments" is selectable. I click that and CS6 opens and generates a TIFF before I start editing (as opposed to creating it after I save, which is usually the case). I then close out of CS6, back to Lr, select the TIFF and open Original in Ps CC. It's a pain and I'm guessing I lose out on Camera Raw controls since I start with a TIFF instead of RAW, DNG, etc.??


      Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated as I spend half my life in these two pieces of software, so seamless integration means everything to my workflow.