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    Export to Word - alternatives and pricing


      Good day,


      We have a lot of network printers that are scanning to network. Of course, all scan to network files are stored as PDF. Often, parts of these documents would be placed into case notes and the likes. To do this, the users would previously save and export as a Word document. Now, we replaced the Terminal server with a 2012 R2 machine and replaced Adobe Reader IX with Reader DC. And we lost our ability to convert to Word (for free).


      Would anyone have a suggestion on what we can use as a different option, as well as a suggestion on where to look for pricing? Frankly, I do not want to call Adobe sales because my experience is that a sales representative will try to keep me on the phone and try to get me to purchase as much as they think I need. All I need is to know what the pricing and licensing structure is like for a Terminal Server. Of course, I am not going to lie and have to add that if I can resolve this for free my budget would be very appreciative!