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    SCORM Audio problems

      I created a course in Presenter and tested it in our LMS and it operated fine. I then added narration and re-imported the course. The course now locks up when trying to load in our LMS. I ran HTTP Analyzer and it's freezing while loading the audio file for the first slide. Any ideas? I also use Captivate and do not have this issue with those courses. Why does prenter have a .swf for each slide and Captivate create one .swf?

      Also, I tried importing some .wav files into Presenter that I created in Soundbooth and they won't import.
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          The HTTP analyzer would have shown the completer URL of the audio file...something like http://<my_server>/<content part>/<etc etc>/data/audio24x<n>.mp3

          Can you download this file by typing this URL in the browser's address bar?

          BTW, Captivate works because (as you had observed) Captivate publishes single swf which has audio embedded in it.

          Regarding why Presenter publishes multiple swf as againt the model chosen by Captivate of publishing single swf. I think Presenter would be trying to serve the use case of bringing only part of the content that is needed (each individual swf files tend to be small). Whereas for Captivate the use case would probably be: no matter if one generates one BIG file but the packaging and passing it around users should be easy.
          (On a sidenote, I always wondered why Captivate wanders off this philosophy and makes multiple swfs for Full motion recording!!)