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    Looking for architecture advice

    bitwyse Level 1
      Hi All,
      I have been using Flex for about a year now. I have built several small applications with great success. I built a very large enterprise class application which suffers from performance issues. The main issue I have is the initial load time of the application do to it's size. I have read some and seen videos on breaking up an application into rsl's and or modules however, I am not clear on which is the "Best Way" to architect the solution.

      Part of my questions arise from using Cairngorm. Does the Singleton pattern prevent me from breaking up code that needs access to the model data? Is there a better solution than Cairngorm for an enterprise class application?

      Additionally, is there a way to have the home page be very small and fast and in the background load the main application so when the user clicks on something it's already loaded or almost loaded?

      I'm hoping there are others out here that have been down this road with large applications in Flex that can share their experiences with me.