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    sym.stop(); trigger not working after sym.playReverse();




      This is my first time posting here and I am still pretty new to Edge Animate.


      My issue is that I am trying to program a basic UI but I am having problems with an idea I have for a menu.


      I have a basic project which has a bunch of markers that are acting as my pages and I am calling sym.play("mymarkername"); through a click event for certain buttons, this is working great as my basic navigation. I am trying to make a menu overlay which overlays the pages when you click it. I have a simple animation where you click on a symbol and it calls sym.play(); and plays the animation of my menu overlay swiping on to the screen from the left. This works great and I have added another symbol to my menu overlay to close the menu and used sym.playReverse(); to play the reverse of my animation for the menu overlay swiping on to the screen. I have 2 triggers on my timeline which both call sym.stop(); one trigger is at the same time as my marker and the other trigger is at the end of my menu overlay animation, these work great as well but when I press on my menu overlay button the animation plays perfectly then I press my close button and the animation also plays perfectly but it just straight back to the beginning of my timeline which is back to the main page of my UI which isn't what I want, the first trigger mentioned above should work when sym.playReverse(); is called the playhead should be stopping at the trigger.


      If you need the project files let me know and I will gladly upload them to Dropbox.