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    How do I change the branding font in the title or lower third text?

    sjpvt001 Level 1


      I have not been able to figure out how to change the font for the"Branding" text in Adobe Presenter 11.  For example, how to change the font for the title text or the lower third text.  I must be missing something obvious.  Any ideas?



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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Sorry Stephen, we don't have a user interface in the product for what you have requested.

          However, we have a configuration file that drives some configurable parameters that control the product and the output video produced.

          In the installation folder of Presenter Video Express 11, you will find a file named cplc.ini.

          Please do back up this file first and then make the following edits using any text editor (like notepad.exe)

          • Search for CLOSED_CAPTION_FONT_NAME.
          • You will find the following line. CLOSED_CAPTION_FONT_NAME=Adobe Clean
          • Change it to CLOSED_CAPTION_FONT_NAME=Arial (Assuming the desired font is Arial)
          • This will make the font of closed captions in all of your projects, Arial (This is assuming you choose to embed the CC within video and not externalize it as SRT files. If externalized, font is decided by video player at runtime)


          You can do similar changes to LOWER_THIRD_TITLE_FONT_NAME or TITLE_TEXT_FONT_NAME parameters as well. It is important to note here that these are not externalized and they are always "burned in" to the video as pixels.


          Also note that you would have to start Presenter Video Express and republish your project after making these changes, and that this would affect all projects henceforth.


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