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    Ipad and iphone sync but not pc

    davidc11447459 Level 1

      My goodness, this lightroom is a nightmare. Just recently, lost all abillity to sync. Thanks to the forum I found the sync thing hidden by my name. Good. Synced everything. Next time I turned on. .... You guessed it ..... Nothing there. Got some back after a day of rage and frustration. Would not sync several hundred pics as the original photo had been lost. Unbelievable. Had to go to the photo, delete the lightroom photo, reload the original photo, which LR said was missing and put it in a collection. All bad so far. On my Ipad Pro , from the newly synced photos I made some adjustments and built some new collections. All good. Hah. The new work synced with the iphone but not the pc. Unbelievable. What goes on with this Adobe mob. If you are new to Lightroom, don't bother with it. It will take years off your life. Anyway, in the moments left to me can anyone suggest how to sync Ipad collections to pc if it does not work in the way it should. I appreciate there are some real experts out there, none of whom work for Adobe. Turn it off, turn it on is about all they can suggest. Thanks for reading my rant but Adobe are unbelievably useless.