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    ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Update 7 Issue


      Installing Update 7 on our ColdFusion 11 Enterprise development server impacted the robust debugging.   We tried several different "fixes" and found that changing the servers with Update 7 to use the “summary” option instead of the “tree” option for displaying Execution Time restored showing the debug detail information.

      I contacted Adobe support and they explained sent the response below.   If others are having this issue, please contact Adobe and ask for a fix to be expedited.  Thanks


      From: CF Support [mailto:CFsup@adobe.com]
      Subject: RE: Possible Problem with ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Update 7


      Thank you for contacting Adobe.


      I tried that with update 7 and other ColdFusion 11 updates, I am able to reproduce the issue with update 7 however with update 6 it is working fine. I am logging a bug for this issue and will also ask them if we can include this in next update.