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    Can I use Flash with Flash catalyst?

      I was wondering, since Flash Catalyst apparently only uses "rudimentary animation", can I use Flash Professional with Flash catalyst? I would like to do more complex animations, and I was wondering if there was a way to import those animations into Flash Catalyst,
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          pyrografix Level 1
          Flash Professional will definitely be the tool for creating complex animation. The tweaks they have done to the animation engine will blow away designers giving them intuitive tools to use for creating animation. Designers will absolutely love how easy it is to animate now.

          As for whether or not Flash Catalyst can handle that... From the trial software I received at Adobe MAX... it appears you can import SWFs. In fact, as soon as you import them, they start playing right there in the IDE. But I am not sure how much control you have over the SWF once you import it. No SWC import though.

          I was curious if there are any round tripping features between Flash Professional and Flash Catalyst. Because the way I understand it, Flash Catalyst is a way for traditional designers to use Fireworks, Illustrator and Photoshop to build RIAs... they said nothing of using Flash Professional.
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            ctman5on Level 1
            I am hoping they find some way to integrate Flash Professional in there. Sometimes, a simple transition just will not do, and a static interface like the one in the Adobe Labs video really doesn't cut it if you want to go to the extreme.
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              pyrografix Level 1
              I think the idea is that designers, who don't really know Flash, will be able to take care of some of the tedious projects of the past. Leaving more advanced Flash "Professional" users to spend time on the harder, more in-depth, applications and animations. Flash Professional won't go away. Flash Catalyst simply takes the pressure off those with a rare skill set.