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    Why do my photos appear different in the LR Library and Develop modules?


      I've seen a number of people asking about this issue, but I haven't yet found a good explanation nor a solution. Color space issues and graphics processors have been mentioned as potential culprits.  My setup is as follows:


      1) LR 6.0.

      2) Computer - 64 bit Windows 7 Pro machine without a graphics processor.  The graphics processor option is turned off in the LR preferences.

      3) Monitor - Dell u2413.  It has been calibrated using i1 Display Pro to its native color space which is a bit larger and AdobeRGB.

      4) Photo Files - .orf, Olympus Raw Format(?), files that are unedited and straight from an Olympus Em5 MII.


      I would appreciate some suggestions as to how to address this issue (other than looking at photos 1:1).  I'm not sure I want to spend much time in LR optimizing how photos look if LR can't even display the photos in a consistent manner.