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    Repeater/1009 error

      I have a project where data is called from a database as an XMLListCollection and passed to another page. The second page presents the data using a repeater creating buttons, binding the XML data to various controls on the button. I can back up to the first page and reload different data (in the same format), then send the data back to the second page to be displayed.

      I've noticed, tho, that if there is LESS items that the repeater is showing the second time, the whole thing barfs with this error message:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at mx.skins.halo::ButtonSkin/updateDisplayList()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects\fram ework\src\mx\skins\halo\ButtonSkin.as:138]
      at mx.skins::ProgrammaticSkin/validateDisplayList()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects\f ramework\src\mx\skins\ProgrammaticSkin.as:421]
      at mx.managers::LayoutManager/validateDisplayList()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects\f ramework\src\mx\managers\LayoutManager.as:622]
      at mx.managers::LayoutManager/doPhasedInstantiation()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects \framework\src\mx\managers\LayoutManager.as:677]
      at Function/ http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin::apply()
      at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher2()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects\framew ork\src\mx\core\UIComponent.as:8628]
      at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()[C:\autobuild\3.2.0\frameworks\projects\framewo rk\src\mx\core\UIComponent.as:8568]

      If I send more items to be displayed the second time, there's no problem. However, if there's less the second time, it crashes.

      Anybody have any ideas?