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    How to play multiple embedded videos from Vimeo into one container?



      I am building an Edge Animate portfolio page containing 12 videos.

      Each video is triggered by a button. The videos (embedded from Vimeo) play in one container.

      After the first video has played, it doesn't revert to an empty space, and the next one plays underneath the first!

      How can I stop this "stacking" from happening?


      This is the code each button contains at the moment:


      var vimeo = $("<iframe/>")

      sym.$ ("vimeo2") .append(vimeo);

      vimeo.attr('type', 'text/html');

      vimeo.attr('width', '643');

      vimeo.attr('height', '361');

      vimeo.attr('src', 'https://player.vimeo.com/video/138726041?autoplay=1&color=a38668&title=0&byline=0&portrait =0');

      vimeo.attr('frameborder', '0');

      vimeo.attr('webkitallowfullscreen', 'yes');

      vimeo.attr('mozallowfullscreen', 'yes');

      vimeo.attr('allowfullscreen', 'yes');


      Also, I need to create a coded button to play the videos "full screen" as an option for the viewers.

      Thanks in advance for your help with the above!