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    Exporting iPhoto files created a monster


      I am on an old 2008 iMac operating Yosemite, and have LR4 loaded.  I am trying to transfer my iPhoto files to LR and successfully exported iPhoto (now "Photo") files to a folder which LR can recognize (though I'm not sure I could do it again!).  The 2 problems are:


      1) the export created multiple versions of many images, in file sizes varying from double digit KB to double digit MG; and

      2) with the "faces" feature in iPhoto, individual face photos showed up as individual files so, for example, if I had a single picture with 10 people in it, I wound up with at least 11 files - the original, plus a file of each face in the photo!  As a result, my "iPhoto Export" file is over 13,000 images!!!  I could try to eliminate some by looking at them in LR, but they are all over the place, and don't show me which ones are the biggest (best resolution files).


      I've been trying to go through the folder in Finder and I've whittled it down by over a 1000 files, but I'm going nuts.  Any suggestions?  Obviously, I'd prefer to export again and prevent this problem.  Short of that, is there a shorthand anyone can suggest for finding the duplicates in LR and identifying which are the best resolution files?


      Many thanks.

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Chloemann,



          Not quite sure how it is related to Lightroom, when the issue is the export from photos app.

          Or have you imported the exported files into Lightroom, and in Lightroom catalog you have multiple copies of same files and similar other issues?




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            Chloemann Level 1

            You're probably right - it may be more of an iPhoto issue.  It seemed as though it would be an issues that others converting from iPhoto to LR would experience, given that there have  been many questions posed here about how to do that.  My understanding is that you have to  export photos from iPhoto to an external (as in, outside iPhoto) folder so that LR would recognize that folder (it doesn't recognize iPhoto folders) and be able to import into a LR catalog.  But you're correct - the problem is that when I exported from iPhoto to that external folder, it created all these multiples, even before I opened the folder in LR to decide what to import.


            That being said, if I could determine within LR which of the multiples were the largest size (i.e presumably best resolution) files, it would probably be faster to identify unwanted multiples and delete them from the disk.  Any ideas?


            Thanks so much!  Maybe I'll post this question on the Apple website for iPhoto users.

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              rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Yes indeed you should post in Apple forums,

              FYI - there is no way of figuring out duplicates in LR automatically, one has to go through the images and look for duplicate ones.


              You are welcome.