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    Render timeline without seeing frame by frame progress


      My situation is that I often sit with clients making changes on the fly in After Effects, me working from my computer screen and the client viewing on a large external monitor. Then when I go to render the timeline for playback after making a change we both have to sit and watch it render frame by frame as it readies itself for real-time playback.


      I want to know if there is a way to render the timeline in After Effects for real-time playback without seeing the frame by frame progress like Premiere or Final Cut does. Then once the render is done I can just play from the beginning and the client can see the effect for the first time at real speed instead of seeing it as it ticks through a render. I know I can turn the External Preview off and on as I'm ready to present but I was just hoping there was a more efficient way.


      I'm on a Mac running Mavericks with AE 2015 (ver13.5)


      Thanks in advance for the response.