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    organising lightroom and photos for mac


      All my photos are stored in Photos on the Mac.  As a complete newbie to anything what I've been doing is copying the photos into Lightroom that I want to do editing on and have just left it at that and exported them back out again. 

      What I want to do is move all my photos across into Lightroom so that I can get really stuck into editing and export the edited photos into Photos.


      Since I've copied and created folders in Lightroom in the past to do editing will that affect the original photos in Photos? or should I rename these folders just in case or would it be easier just to re-edit them again - yes there is quite a few but not as many as I haven't done.  I need to get organised and I want to do it right this time.


      I have got Lightroom 5 but will most likely be updating to the 6 with Photoshop.