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    Combine PDF failing (Acrobat 10.1.16 and Excel 2010)


      Acrobat X's (v10.1.16) presents a "there was an error encountered when combining files" error when an EXCEL spreadsheet is included in the files to combine list.


      We've verified that Word and PDF documents combine without issue, it's only when an EXCEL file is included in the mix that Acrobat X fails with this error.


      We've tried uninstalling, reinstalling both Office and Acrobat (install Office 2010, then Acrobat X, then install Acrobat update to 10.1.16 and reboot) - the error still occurs. Note, though, that the ACROBAT add-in tab still appears in both Word and Excel, and functions when called within either app. It's specifcialy the "combined PDF" method that is failing.


      Additionally, in "combine PDF" one is supposed to be able to select for Excel spreadsheets to include only certain worksheets; this feature, too, isn't working - when the interface to select only certain worksheets is opened, none of the worksheets within the target Excel are shown.


      Adobe support team, please advise, this feature is critical to our workflow; it was working as advertised on a previous computer, but on the new system (Win7 Pro SP x64, Office 2010 x86, Acrobat X 10.1.16) is has not been working, as described above.