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    Force my daily folders in month fldrs -- importing a catalog -- to go into daily fldrs in month fldrs in my larger database?

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      (Lightroom CC2015.1 on Win7 64-bit)


      After a trip with my laptop and editing on location I wanted to import the month and a half of daily folders into my big database on the desktop machine. Export catalog, that's easy. I chose to "Include negatives (images)".


      I was surprised that the whole "tree" structure I exported from the laptop arrived with the parent folders names from the laptop, too. It appears that the assignment of final folder location during a "catalog import" works differently than ingestion of images on a card that span different dates. With my new images off a card, Lightroom slots the new content into folders that follow a logic you specify. For me this is daily folders that are placed "inside" their month folder.


      So I wanted the same result for the daily folders illustrated when they were imported as an outside catalog to the bigger database. I read the dialog box very carefully and could tell that the tree might be out of whack. I find Lightroom very hesitant to move folders inside its own database no matter how often we are told we MUST do this. I get errors that the move was not accomplished about half the time. So I will move all these this time, I know the drill. But next time?

      Lightroom 2016-01-06.jpg


      How do I achieve a better result if I have to import a catalog again?


      Do I have to export a separate catalog for EACH of these folders?  That way I can use the dialog to place it exactly where I want it but I'll have to do 20 exports and 20 imports (or whatever number is required…)


      I have read several "How-to's" again to make sure I didn't miss a more-nuanced placer dialog. No joy.


      What do you folks do when this need arises?