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    Lightroom sync seems like it just nuked my library from orbit. Are my photos… somewhere?


      Today was my first day using Lightroom mobile. I signed into my account from my iPad, and managed a photoshoot from set. I dumped cards throughout the day, rated photos and did basic edits. Exciting.


      When I got home to desktop, my photos weren't there as Lightroom Mobile promised. Instead, I was prompted to sign in to my account (which is strange, since all of my apps are via a CC account). I signed in, and the new, blank library from my desktop seemed to overwrite the library full of photos that I had on Mobile and on the web. When I went back to my iPad, all the photos had been deleted. When I checked online, there was nothing there either.


      So, I have two questions:


      Other users: Is there somewhere that my photos may be hiding? I kept everything on the card as a backup, but I can't imagine Adobe just burning everything down.


      Adobe developers: Is this seriously something that can happen if somebody signs into the mobile app first? Why in god's name isn't there a "hey dummy, you're about to delete a bunch of pictures. Are you sure?" dialogue somewhere?


      Using LR Mobile was an absolute joy throughout the day. I can't believe it's ending with me redoing all of my selects and edits on my desktop.


      Before signing in on desktop:


      After signing in on desktop: