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    aperture import not working




      I'm trying to import my Aperture Library. I've exported one project from the library to a new library. I open the new library in Aperture, updated the previews, and emptied the trash, then quit Aperture.


      I open Lightroom and start the Aperture import. It get a few percentage points into the import, then stalls. Activity monitor says LR is using 100% CPU (4 core Mac, so I guess the import process or LR is not mutli-core aware).


      At any rate, I've ready many of the threads on the import process, and nothing suggested helps. I know there's a log for the import, but it seems very high level and offer nothing useful. Is there a verbose of debug mode I can put the logging into so I can see what's going on?


      I have plenty of disk space, so that is not the issue. It's a brand new library, so rebuilding it will not help (and I tried that).