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    Thunderbolt two computers one DAS drive?


      My wife and I do photography and work from the same home office. We often need to access the same external drive to retrieve photos or load adobe lightroom catalogs. I've considered a NAS system but that will not work for us for two reasons. 1. Lightroom catalogs will only open when stored locally or on DAS.  2. I use Backblaze as an offsite backup solution and they don't support NAS drives only DAS.


      Our current setup is several standard usb external drives connected to my computer that she can connect to through the network and pull files off the drives if she needs them. If she needs to open a lightroom catalog she has to wait for me to not be using my computer or drag the whole lightroom catalog to her computer so she can open it. This is obviously not efficient.


      Solution? Could both of us connect to a Promise Pegasus raid drive through the 2 thunderbolt ports and access files at the same time and possibly even run different lightroom catalogs simultaneously? We can't obviously open the same lightroom catalog at the same time but we create different catalogs for every client so that would rarely be an issue. Reliability in transfer speeds isn't completely moot, but what's of more concern though is could we even both be connect to the drive at the same time? Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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          There are two separable issues:


          - Can you connect two computers to a Promise Pegasus raid unit via Thunderbolt?  Physically, you could connect the cables, but reading the Promise Web site and this thread, it doesn't appear that Promise supports multiple computers connected to the same Pegasus unit. That would be an interesting way to create a low-cost SAN (Storage Area Network), in which the shared disks appear as locally attached disks to each computer, but it looks like Promise doesn't provide the operating-system drivers and raid firmware for doing that.  But perhaps I've missed something recent?


          - If you were able to connect two computers to a Pegasus raid unit and have it operate correctly, would your proposed LR workflow work?  Yes.  As long as LR thinks the attached volume is a locally attached disk, and as long as you have only one instance of LR opening a particular catalog at the same time, it would work.