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    Unable to open lightroom 6 on both PC and Laptop since last night. I have a standalone perpetual licence.


      I have been using Lightroom for several years and last may I purchased a perpetual licence for standalone lightroom 5 with free upgrade to LR6 on both PC and mobile.

      Last night I was working in lightroom on the PC when I realised I had imported my new photos to the 2015 catalogue instead of a new 2016 catalogue which I had been using for a week. I selected open another catalog (2016) in order to import the new photos to the correct catalog , bypassed the message about shutting down the catalog I was using and then the message to back-up before closing, then nothing, lightroom did not open.

      I ran tests on the PC but nothing wrong was found. This morning when I switched on clicking on the ICON for lightroom had just a spinning wheel (busy) for about 5 seconds, then nothing. It just refused to open.

      I tried signing in to my Adobe account, it was very slow but I did get in eventually.


      Just now I decided to use the laptop, which is independent from the PC, I don't use the cloud services. I get exactly the same problem, a spinning wheel for about 5 seconds, then nothing. It is as though I have been locked out.