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    Is Director the Right Tool For This?

    mtruly Level 1
      I apologize the the very basic question... but I'm trying to gather information on which app I should use for this.

      I have some 1280x720 WMVs that I need to create a basic interactive interface for viewing. It will be very basic with a main menu page with several buttons each which takes you to a new page to view the WMV. On this player page, it should have the basic controls for viewing video (play, pause, stop, a slider, loop play, etc.). Ideally, I should be able to customize which player controls are present, etc. I would like to do all this with minimal scripting, etc.

      The resulting presentation will be viewed on PCs and should have the ability to hide the windows interface so that only the presentation shows over black if desired.

      Is Director the right app for creating this kind of simple presentation?

      I was going to pursue using FLASH to do all this but FLASH will not play WMV videos and I have not been able to create the videos in FLV with acceptable quality compared to the WMVs.

      Thanks for your thoughts.