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    Is anyone using ChronoSync (Mac) for LR on two macs?

    pondball Level 1

      I have two macs... 2009 iMac and 2015 MBPro with various external HDs available (all 2TB - 2 are USB3 and 1 is FW800 for the iMac).


      I am trying to set up LR so that I can access my photo library from both machines while at home on my home network... internet router -> 2 ethernet linked Airport Extreme and decent wifi throughout the house.


      I would like all LR presets and LR functionality on both machines to be identical. I understand some people are using either BitTorrent Sync or ChronoSync to accomplish this. I also understand that this scenario would mean only one mac could be using LR at a time and that if I'm using the iMac the MBPro LR must be shut down. Once I finish with the iMac LR then I would sync the LR folder (containing the catalog and presets... anything else??) to the MBPro. I'm trying not to have to tote around the EHD otherwise I'd just keep everything on that. The idea of the MBPro was not to have to carry around peripherals.


      That's the theory but I don't know if it is correct or if there is something I am missing here.


      If there is anyone using ChronoSync or BTS I'd welcome any comments on whether:

      1) this actually works

      2) what a better solution might be

      3) tips on how to best set this up using either CS or BTS


      TIA, Dan