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    Embedded image names from Word

    mramjbarnes Level 1

      Hi, and thanks for any help!


      I am importing some content from MS Word, with lo-res images, I want to be able to replace the images in Indesign with high-res ones, but indesign renames the imported/embedded images:

      Something like Cat.jpg to Image123.JPG

      Is there a way to control the image name on import, or a script to rename embedded to at least something more usable? I will have an image caption/ref in text, maybe that could be used with a script?




      Image123.JPG (real image)

      caption Cat.JPG


      Something like image name: Image123.JPG change to name of caption Cat.JPG


      Cat.JPG (real image)

      caption Cat.JPG




      Is this possible?



      Thanks for you help!