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    migrated books don't show up



      I just downloaded the new version of ADE to my new Windows laptop. I transferred old files, so ADE said it "detected books from an older version" and that it would migrate them. It seemed to work, but my Library shows only the intro document for ADE. My books aren't there. Is there something I need to do? Should I reinstall?


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          Nanaky Level 5

          You should found the eBooks under My Digital Edition under your Documents. Try to open this. Good Luck.

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            monica4567 Level 1

            No, this did not work.


            If I use Explorer to go to My Documents, I see, in the Digital Editions

            folder, the files for the ebooks - the annotations, whatever that is,

            thumbnails, etc - but the book files are not.


            When I open DE on my old computer, My Library shows all my books. But if I

            go to Add Books, and navigate to the folder, it doesn't find any ebook



            In Info, it shows the path to the epub file, but that seems to be wherever

            I uploaded it from, like my Desktop. The files aren't on my Desktop

            anymore. So I don't know where the actual epub files are to transfer them

            to my new computer. That's what I need to know.


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              Nanaky Level 5

              Normal you should have the files in this order. Have you check all Subfolder on the old Device?