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    Adobe licentie - one office - multiple users




      we have one fully legal copy of adobe CS5 in our office.

      We use this copy only maximal 5% of our time. Used by one person. Perfect.


      Now will hire a second person that once and a while will have to use photoshop/illustrator/indesign.

      We can very easily manage that they never work on the same time with the adobe suite.

      We will do it most of the time per week.


      So we will deactivate every time the license on one mac and then activate on the other mac.

      So all the time - one user, one license.

      And even then 90% of the time the CS will be unused.


      So not regarding the pratical issue - i assume this is a perfect legal way to use the license.


      am i correct?


      Kind regards,