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    Printing through LR or PS has a purple hue on B/W prints and yellow cast on color prints no matter what settings I use


      When printing black and white prints with photoshop or lightroom they have a horrid purple cast to them. Landscape color have a yellow cast to them instead of nice green. I have tried many different icc profiles. I have turned off printer controls color and gone back to basic settings. I have tried several different photo papers. All give varying results but terrible color casts. I have done soft proofing and got that to match fairly close and still especially black and white have a purple cast to them.


      I am on a windows 7 machine with calibrated monitors. Printing to epson 1430 with fresh ink and clean nozzles.


      When I print the same pictures from photo gallery or other programs they come out fine. Taking the settings used in those programs and entering n LR still gives purple cast on b/w prints. On screen looks correct, soft proof looks correct.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you