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    a payment option

      Hi Guys, I often use paypal for payment transaction. I am considering if i opt for enter credit card number and CVV number. Then how i can check that payment actually happened or not.

      And do i store the credit card info in database or not. if not then where.

      Please provide some light on it

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          Doing your own credit card processing is a HUGE endeavor. What you do is create open a business bank account and then sign up for a credit card merchant account - your bank may partner with someone. You then use the API from that host to collect and apply credit card payments.

          When you get the credit card information, you pass it to the merchant account partner and they will return one set of info if the charge was approved and another if it was not. You will also get back a unique transaction id.

          Under NO circumstances should you store credit card numbers, not even encrypted. The merchant account provider takes care of all of that. If you need to process a refund, you send them the transaction id and they will take it from there. It is a good idea to store the last four digits of the credit card as well as the expiration date, so you can display this information from the purchaser.

          Hope this helps! Good luck.
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            thenotorious_flag Level 1
            Thanks seems to be a bigger task..

            1. Should i consider applying this approach..

            2. Should i use other merchant accounts like paypal, authorize.net etc..

            if i use paypal and authorize.net do they store credit cards when the same user comes back or i should store the last four digits and then head after.