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    How can I fix edit-preferences & LR to PS workflow problems?


      When I send a raw file to PS & save it & close it doesn't return to lr. I need to find it with explorer,drag it to the desktop & import it from there. If I try to import it directly from LR Import, the image is grayed-out & LR says the image is already in the catalog & won't ;et me re-import it. When I send a psd or a jpeg to lr ,usually the save as dialog opens & I have trouble finding the saved image even though I'm saving it in the same location. These are new problems. I still have my  previous version of lightroom & in that version I can open edit- preferences no problem. Later today I'll open the old version & try to send images to PS & see what happens. Also, I can find the preferences file when I'm in that version of lr; app data>roaming>adobe>lightroom>preferences but I can't find the preferences file om the current updated version of LR cc where I'm having the problems. Someone had suggested I delete the preferences file in LR but since I can't find it I don't know what to try except to delete the preferences file in my old version & see what happens.I can't figure this out but need to send most of my images to PS from LR for more work.

      I have adobe PSCC & windows 10.