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    I created a responsive HTML5 output, but the display is not what I expected. How do I alter it?


      I created an output on my laptop (15 in monitor), and on that screen it looks as intended, with the TOC displaying on the left and the search bar on the top right. I expect, since it is responsive, that on a smaller screen, the TOC and search will shift according to the size of the screen.  But when I look at it on a larger desktop monitor, the TOC is permanently minimized and the search icon is on the left.  It looks as it would if I were viewing on a tablet.  Is there a way to fix this?  On a desktop monitor, I need the TOC to display and the search box to remain at the top of the screen. Display results are the same in Chrome and IE11


      On my laptop:

      laptop screen resolution settings:

      On my desktop:

      Desktop monitor screen resolution settings: