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    HELP! Why does my PDF's open in Adobe Reader DC when i want Adobe Acrobat Pro?


      Hi, a while back I did a update for my Adobe Acrobat (using the pac deal Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard 5,5) and since then the computer want to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as a standard for opening PDF's and not Adobe Acrobat Pro as usual. And then I updated to windows 10 and Edge was chose as a default for PDF. I have now found out how to change default settings and chose there Acrobat Pro and not Reader DC but it still chose DC as a default to open with. My problem with this is that my editing does not work in reader DC and it tells me to pay for that service. I don't wanna pay AGAIN when I already have for the whole package. So how can I get rid of reader DC and only use acrobat pro??? Help please, and I know u can right-click and chose "open with" but that's not a option when its too many documents and it takes too long to do that every time with every single doc. Very very thankful for help with this