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    best way to catalog 700,000 images


      I have about 30 disks full of images. close to 700,000 images total. What's the best way to import them into lightroom withpout creating huge sized gallery in terms of storage size?

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mrandphoto2,



          While importing create minimal previews.

          No matter what you do the size will stay what it already is, you can not manipulate the size of an image while importing them into Lightroom.

          import panel previews.png




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            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In Lightroom terms, what is the "gallery" you talk about?


            A single Lightroom catalogue can manage many thousands of images. Remember, it manages the photos but they aren't physically part of the catalogue or inside it - the photos remain where they are in your folders. I work with one that controls well over 600,000 photos.

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              Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have a 700k catalog and seriously it is slow and not too useful except as a catalog. However it is essential to have a catalog that references all images.

              The first instruction is to create a new Catalog and "Add" the files to it... this then references the files in their existing locations/drives.

              I would import sections at a time as it will be a long process and it means you can do it a bit at a time..... before you start on each drive ensure you have a Top Level folder on each drive so that any future moves of files/folders is easy....

              When you Add the files/folders I would recommend building Standard Previews otherwise each time you view a file in Loupe View a new preview will be rendered anyway.... I would also recommend rendering Smart Previews, these enable work with a file even when it is offline which will be frequently if you have many drives.

              I would also suggest you look at keeping the Catalog and Previews on an external drive that is fast and dedicated to the catalog.


              Now I also have a working catalog with current (up to 200k) files as this runs much faster. This I import into the large catalog at intervals....


              Hope that helps