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    Generate PDF Output


      I'm using RH2015.  I have Office 2013 installed, although I have no intention of creating Word docs.  I have built my project and successfully generated .chm files.  However, now I need to generate a PDF.  When I click on 'Printed Documentation' in the Output, I get a box that says:  'The parameter is incorrect'.  I click OK and it pops again...OK again and now I get past it.  I complete all the entries on the pages, but when I click (finally) to Generate, nothing happens.  In the Print Document General window (the first one), none of the drop down options have anything in them.  I select the Adobe PDF option, and uncheck the Word option and get the 'parameter' warning again...but OK clears it.  I click Next...I see the TOC and Chapter Layouts as they are in my project...Next again, and I see the topics...but the Section Layout is basic.  Do I have to completely reset all the topics into the section layout box?  Why?  I already did this creating my project.  But, I can click Next without doing anything....and when I Save and Generate.....nothing happens.

      The PDF for RH2015 is kind of useless.......

      Any help from anyone?