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    Macintosh has different new Bootstrap page process?

    Cheryl Brumbaugh-Duncan

      i am using DW 2015 latest download for Mac and the New Bootstrap page process is different than the video. It show how to create a new CSS stylesheet or to link to the existing bootstrap.css file? Is this a bug or different functionality for DW based on the Mac platform.

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          David_Powers Level 7

          I don't know which video you're watching, but Dreamweaver CC 2015 has Bootstrap built in, and it works identically on Mac and Windows.


          1. To create a Bootstrap page, create a new site in Dreamweaver.
          2. Go to File > New to open the New Document dialog box.
          3. Make sure New Document is selected on the left.
          4. Choose HTML as the Document Type.
          5. Click the Bootstrap tab, and deselect the "Include a pre-built layout" check box.


          1. If you click Create now, Dreamweaver will create all the necessary files using the default breakpoints for Bootstrap.
          2. If you want to change the breakpoints, expand the Customize section by clicking the disclosure triangle.


          1. Specify how many columns you want, and the width of the gutter (the space between columns).
          2. Also set the breakpoints for Small, Medium, and Large.
          3. Click Create.


          Dreamweaver creates the HTML page, the Bootstrap CSS, and Bootstrap JavaScript, and copies all the necessary fonts and files to your site. Save the page, and you're ready to start working.


          IMPORTANT: The Bootstrap CSS file is read-only. You should attach a separate style sheet to the HTML page for your own custom styles.


          If you have a subscription to lynda.com, I have created a 2-hour video training course called Responsive Design with Bootstrap and Dreamweaver CC 2015. It was created using Dreamweaver CC 2015.1, so is completely up to date. If you don't have a subscription to lynda.com, there's a 10-day free trial which gives access to all courses, not just mine.