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    What LR functions are still available after the CC subscription has expired ?




      I tried to contact support regarding this (case #0217508486), but after chatting with two Support agents, |'m still confused.


      Long story short : I have a CC subscription which just expired. I'm only using LR, and don't use PS at all.

      Here in Switzerland, CC costs about CHF 143 per year, while a LR6 costs CHF 120. It doesn't make sense to continue using CC for this price.


      What happens to Lightroom after my membership ends?

      This article says that only the Develop and Map modules will be disabled after the subscription is expired.


      This person also comments on a question, saying "An expired trial has the same behavior if you install Lightroom on a second computer. You do not need to re-establish a membership."


      The two support agents initially said that I cannot access LR at all after the subscription expires.

      When confronting them with the article above, their story changed :

      - at first the Support rep just copy-pasted sentences from the article (implying that it's still valid ?)

      - later he said that I'm still able to use the product for 30 days, after which he says that I won't be able to use any LR functions at all


      I'm now asking this here (hoping to get a better answer than the one I got from Adobe Support):

      Assuming my CC subscription is expired, will I still be able to import photos to my catalog, back up my catalog, tag and rate photos and so on ? Will I still be able to export photos from my catalog ? And if yes, for how long ?


      Thank you in advance !