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    Flash website navigation

      Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to navigate to a different scene within another flash file? when ever I load a new flash file it starts from the beginning. I am creating a website and need to split it into sections due to load times.
      I made a nice image to explain what I mean but I cant find anywhere to attatch it...

      The site is basically 4 seperate swf files, one main and three that come off the contents page

      ( Loading screen > Home > Contents Page ) - (Swf2)
      - (Swf3)
      - (Swf4)

      On each of the later files I have buttons I want to navigate back to the contents page of the first file without needing to go through the other pages. I tried making each page a different file but it looks messy and I get a short period of a white background in between each load.

      Does anyone know how to solve this?