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    starting up service registry



      InDesign CS6 locks up on "starting up service registry" on my Macbook Air running 10.11.2 (el capitan).  As suggested by many other posts, I deleted all preferences and other files, uninstalled indesign, reinstalled indesign, nothing helped.

      However, when I tried to run InDesign on another user account on my computer, worked fine, so its something in my user account.

      But I deleted every single file that was listed in this form, files under library/application support, files under library/preferences, files under library/savedstates.. There must be something else somewhere in my user account that causes this freeze, thoughts on what it could be?


      As another datapoint, All of my other CS6 applications work fine except for dreamweaver, which also freezes, in that case on a blank screen.


      Thanks in advance!