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    Renaming bookmarks in Acrobat with JS

    DrDaveJ Level 1

      Running Acrobat XI Pro on Win7 pc.

      I want test all Bookmarks in a pdf file for ones that are named (for sake of this discussion), "xxx", and then rename them to "yyy".

      My code starts at top of visible tree, var bm = this.bookmarkRoot.children[0]; // Ignoring hidden bookmark, "Root".

      It works here, but code will not iterate to that bookmark's children. And I need to go another level in after that.



      How to get the code to test additional [visible] levels of bookmark tree? Hoping not to presume upon any of you for help, and having removed many lines that print to console for tracking/debugging, here is my code.

      function RenameTITLEbookmarks()


          // Set start point to top of visible Tree (Ignoring "Root")

          var bm = this.bookmarkRoot.children[0];


          // Number of BMs in current tree level. Any of these could also have

          // Children I also want to rename, but cannot seem to get to with Code.

          var nChildNum = this.bookmarkRoot.children[0].children.length;


          // Bookmark level in Tree. Could be 1, since I am ignoring the "Root"?

          var nLevel = 0;


      //** Use of nLevel is where I'm stuck. I think. It's commented out here because

          // it's not working while it's active.

      // for (var i = 0; i < nLevel; i++)


          for (var j = 0; j <= nChildNum; j++)  //** Using a counters and print to console, I can see that

                                                                  //  j  increments, but code keeps testing var bm.


           // Am not sure I even need this next line. It comes from

                // Code I've found online.

              if (bm.children != null)


                    if (bm.name == "xxxx")

                         bm.name = "yyyy";










      Thank you,