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      Got an e-mail with this in the body...


      So I think to myself. Cool! Let's click the link and check out what my Team has access to now.


      Besides being a Creative Cloud for Team in a municipal government job I also hold a Student License for Creative Cloud while I am taking an Adobe Masters Design Program at my local community college. I have intentions of getting a personal license once I am finished with classes because of how awesome it is to have access to ALL Adobe Products. I've almost started the Trial on my personal account a few times but always stepped back because I don't have the kind of money it's asking for.


      Well, I am browsing around, checking out the options and was really impressed.


      Then it happens... I am scrolling down, I see an image I want to see a Preview of and I accidentally click the LICENSE AND DOWNLOAD OPTION.

      Stock Gotcha.gif

      You notice that? As I'm scrolling down, I TRY to click on the IMAGE but I hit that Shopping cart and suddenly I own an image I don't even know that I like?!


      Well, I get on Adobe Chat... My TEAM initiated the Trial. Not me. No one told me I was allowed to use ANY of the Trial images.


      I am informed that "I" was the one who activated the Trial.

      - Not true. I received an e-mail that informed me my team was now in a Trial because of someone else.

      I am informed that there is no way to unlicense the image because it showed I had already downloaded it.

      - Well, yeah. I "accidentally" clicked that little icon and suddenly, "in one click" I have selected, licensed and initiaited download of an image.


      So yay!


      Even Amazon understands 1-click ordering better than this. You NEVER let a customer ACCIDENTALLY purchase something easily. Purchases should have a series of options to back out. ESPECIALLY when some of these Videos and Images you can get from STOCK carry price tags that you don't sneeze at.


      So I am left with...


      1. We can't unlicense this image. Enjoy!
      2. Even tho the e-mail said one of your team members activated the trial, by clicking the link YOU activated the trial. Enjoy!
      3. Enjoy!


      I am so not even happy with this that it's sad. I will NEVER consider Stock as a viable option for my own personal use. I will be blocking the URL with my Chrome Extensions so that I NEVER accidentally go there again. In fact... I just stopped writing this post and locked myself from ever visiting again. If anyone uses Chrome and would like to avoid certain sites for any reason here is a URL to add this extension to your Chrome.


      Adobe, not cool.

          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          Thanks your feedback and I'm sorry for the frustration caused.


          The team trial allows any member of the team to download/license images.  Although we don't have the option to unlicense images, we understand that an image can be licensed in error and have a process in place to address those scenarios.  If you have a case number you could provide it would help me check the interaction with Chat support.


          I can see that an image credit has been added to your team account so you still have 10 images to try out.


          Kind regards



            bokeefe@tulsa Level 1



            Thank you. The credit definitely helps. I was certain that this was going to cause problems and this step helps alot. Knowing that this isn't the intended functionality also helps. I really wish the tech in chat with me had known this because he just painted a completely unsympathetic air over the situation. Gave me the impression that "this is only a trial period so don't worry" which completely ignored my legitimate concerns. I wish I could find out if I was the one who initiated the Trial period by following the link from the e-mail or if, in fact, someone else in my team initiated the Trial and the e-mail wasn't blatantly misleading.


            Otherwise, I would now consider Stock as an option... I was having a great time navigating around and having a look at everything.


            Crossing my fingers...