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    Help required, for Premiere Elements 14


      I would like to put titles and text straight onto pictures instead of using the stock templates

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Where are you - in the Premiere Elements 14 Editor or in the Elements Organizer 14? What computer operating system?


          In the Premiere Elements 14 Editor, text titles and templates are files that go above the pictures (overlay) - Video track 2 for the text title file and Video 1 for the picture. If you want the text titles to be part of the picture file then you could export your Timeline content to a file - consider Export & Share/Image/then Frame or Custom. Then import that export into the project.


          Or, you could create your text in the Titler and then use the Text Menu/Image/Add Image (from hard drive). That will give you one file with text and image.


          Please consider, and give more details. If I have not targeted your question, then please give more detail.


          Thank you.



          Add On...Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Creating titles

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            lenc12365694 Level 1

            A.T.Romano, thank you for replies. I was in premiere doing a slide show which seemed easier on my old system, in the end I found by accident ( had clicked on a picture on the timeline) having given up on the titles/ text box on the right  of the screen I open the text box on the tool bar selected text from the drop down and the text box came on to the photo.

            again thank you, I hope this finds you as I find part of computers very difficult.


            Len Collins

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Len Collins


              I see that your target was the Elements Organizer 14 Slideshow and not a workflow in the Premiere Elements 14 Editor.


              The Elements Organizer 14 Slideshow is very different than what you are used to in Premiere Elements earlier than 14.

              The Elements Organizer 14 Slideshow gives you choice of several different Adobe animated themes, all with far less editing opportunities than before.

              The end product is the major export to 720p or 1080p file saved your computer hard drive.


              As to applying "captions" to each photo in the animated theme,

              1. At the bottom of the Slideshow Builder, make sure that you have "Captions ON".

              2. Then you click under the thumbnail of the photo there, and type your caption.

              3. But, the placement of the caption will be dependent on the animated theme design - in one theme, the captions will be at the top of the photo and in another the captions could be at the bottom of the photo etc.


              Remember, if you want to edit the slideshow again, save it also as Slideshow Project. The 720p and 1080p files exported from the Slideshow Builder cannot be edited in the Slideshow Builder.


              Please consider.


              Thank you.