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    Retrieving a code/number in a page, save the file with the information as file name


      I would like to be able to scan between 200 and 1000 pages of documents, and save them in different files. Each page will have some text recognition, either a QRCode, or simply a number, and while scanning, the code/number should be read on each page, and this code/number should be used as the file name.

      This is the way I think I can do it:
      - 1) Scan all pages into one pdf documents
      - 2) Use a program to save all pages into individual pdf files
      - 3) Retrieve code/number from each page and save the file with the code information as file name
      - 4) Merge all files with the same name
      Can acrobat do it, and if not do you know any third party tools that can do it?


      Or maybe you would have a better option to perform this task.


      Thank you